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Paul Hopkins defended his Master's thesis, titled "3D in vitro Modeling to Assess Therapeutic Hypothermia as a Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury" on April 24, 2017. In attendance were committee members Christian Franck, PhD, Joseph Crisco, PhD, and Neha P. Raukar, MD, and members of the Franck Lab. Congratulations, Paul!

Franck lab had a great time at SES 2016 and presented the following talks.

1. Mean deformation metrics for quantifying 3D cell-matrix interactions

Authors: Eyal Bar-Kochba, Jonathan Estrada, Jennet Toyjanova, Haneesh Kesari, Jonathan S. Reichner, Christian Franck

Speaker: Christian Franck

2. Microcavitation as a neuronal damage mechanism in an in vitro model of blast traumatic brain injury

Authors: Jonathan B. Estrada, Mark Scimone, Harry Cramer, Paul Hopkins, Carlos Barajas, Eric Johnsen, Christian Franck

Speaker: Jonathan B. Estrada

3. 3D micromechanical characterization of extracellular matrices

Authors: Mohak Patel, Christian Franck

Speaker: Mohak Patel

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