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Development of Correlation-based 2D and 3D Image tracking and Motion Field Reconstruction Algorithms


Digital volume correlation (DVC), the three-dimensional (3D) extension of digital image correlation (DIC), measures internal 3D material displacement fields by correlating intensity patterns within interrogation windows. In recent years DVC algorithms have gained increased attention in experimental mechanics, material science, and biomechanics. In particular, the application of DVC algorithms to quantify cell-induced material deformations has generated a demand for user-friendly, and computationally efficient DVC approaches capable of detecting large, non-linear deformation fields.

We address these challenges by presenting both a fast iterative digital image (FIDIC) and volume correlation method (FIDVC), which can be run on a personal computer with computation times on the order of 1-2 min. The FID*C algorithms employ a unique deformation-warping scheme capable of capturing any general non-linear finite deformation.

All our code is freely available for download at our Github repository

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