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Franck Lab at Society of Engineering Science Annual Technical Meeting

Franck lab had a great time at SES 2016 and presented the following talks.

1. Mean deformation metrics for quantifying 3D cell-matrix interactions

Authors: Eyal Bar-Kochba, Jonathan Estrada, Jennet Toyjanova, Haneesh Kesari, Jonathan S. Reichner, Christian Franck

Speaker: Christian Franck

2. Microcavitation as a neuronal damage mechanism in an in vitro model of blast traumatic brain injury

Authors: Jonathan B. Estrada, Mark Scimone, Harry Cramer, Paul Hopkins, Carlos Barajas, Eric Johnsen, Christian Franck

Speaker: Jonathan B. Estrada

3. 3D micromechanical characterization of extracellular matrices

Authors: Mohak Patel, Christian Franck

Speaker: Mohak Patel

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